AIWolf contest

The Artificial Intelligence based Werewolf Project holds a competition aimed at the development of artificial intelligence technology required for playing werewolf game. We mainly hold annual competition on summer, and hold mini-competition on march . Visit Mailing List or Twitter if you are interested on the competition.

Protocol department

It is a software simulation department that enables fighting between program agents by using protocols that facilitate mechanical processing of conversation content. Match battle is done by server client method. Programming language is not restricted until you implement your program for using the protocol. Java, C#, Python programs were joined on previous contest.

Natural language department

A department that is conscious of battle with humans by performing conversation which is the core of a werewolf game in natural language. By pursuing humanness, we aim to explore and reproduce the essence of human intelligence. For this fiscal year, we will limit the composition of the village to 5 people and play in Japanese in order to make it easier to understand the situation of the conversation.

In this department, by giving priority to emphasis on game participation through natural dialogue and dialogue, providing a new benchmark that can be used for development of a dialogue system that emphasizes content and context.