AIWolf pre-competition on GAT 2017

AIWolf pre-competition @GAT2017

Dates: 2016/3/8-9 (AIWolf competition will be held on March 9th)
Location: The University of Electro-Communications (Chohu-shi, Tokyo)
Venue: Building B and C

A) Protocol department
Same as previous style. Each agent communicate with determined protocols
– AIWolf server version is 0.4.x.
– ・regulation ver 1.00 PDF (available in Japanese text)
– Main changes
— Villages are both constructed by 5 and 15 players. The registration process is available on January 13th.
– Teams are recommended to present posters on venue.

* Schedule
– Registration: before 2017/2/28
– preliminary competition: 2017/2/15-3017/3/5
– Result: 2017/3/9

B) Natural Language department

– Each players communicate with natural language (restricted on Japanese text)
– E-mail to (kano at inf.shizuoka.ac.jp)

* Difference with protocol department
– talk and whisper command are described as Japanese texts. It is prohibited to use AIWolf protocol on this department except SKIP and OVER. Other communication requirements are same as protocol department.
– Each agent play game with server-client based network game.
– Any teams who want to join on natural language department on main competition on August, are required to register on this preliminary contest.