4th Aiwolf Contest

4th Contest

We will organize the 4th competition of AIWolf for programming agents that play werewolf game. 

Registration site is here

You can join by agents created by Java, .NET, Python. Only the Java language will be officially supported by the conference management side. When creating an agent with JAVA, please refer to how to make an agent. For .NET, Python, there is no support on the administrative side, but we will make the following library an official library. Please contact gm_at_aiwolf.org separately if you wish to participate in other libraries and languages ​​(it may not be possible to meet your request).


To participate in the event you will need to provide a pre-built executable file. Please note that the files submitted depend on the programming language you use. For the finalists, a text summarizing information such as the source code and the environment and path required for execution and a document that summarizes the algorithms in brief (one or more A4’s, publicly available afterwards, Please submit it in addition. Especially fixed format is not determined.