Announcement of the 2nd Competition of AIWolf


We will organize the 2nd competition of AIWolf for programming agents that play werewolf game. This year, we commemorates 30 years anniversary of Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence, and totally 300,000 yen prize is given to winners.

  • Registration of Accounts: July 1st (Fri.)
  • Registration site is here

  • Deadline for Registration: July 15th (Fri.) TBD
  • Deadline for submission of preliminary competition: August 5th (Fri.) TBD
  • Deadline for submission of final competition: August 12th (Fri.) TBD
  • Competition Date: August 24th to 26th (with CEDEC 2016)

We announce detail regulation and registration method on http://aiwolf.org/ site.

  • Prize
    • Gold: 200,000 yen
    • Silver: 50,000 yen
    • Bronze: 30,000 yen
    • Student Award: 20,000 yen (overlap of above awards are allowed.
  • Notification
    • Final teams need to open their source code after the contest (license is allowed for each team). Teams who achieved above awards need to join join on JSAI 30th award event on Keio Hiyoshi campus, November 11th (official certification and prize are given on that time). In that case, travel expenses will be supported by JSAI.
  • Sponsors
    • Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI), Organizing Committee of Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC)
  • Information
    • gm _atmark__ aiwolf.org