AIWolf platform

 How to create AIWolf agent

See “How to create the AI Wolf agent?” for the way to make AIWolf agent.

AIWolf platform 0.6.x Downloads

Java 11 (or above) required


2023/06/28 ver0.6.4
  • Improvements of AutoStarter
    Now the name of Python agent can be specified in AutoStarter.ini. (requires agent to accept command line option -n)
2021/12/13 ver0.6.3
  • Improvements of AutoStarter
    • Improved randomness of the assignment of order and role
    • Use of the random seed in the setting file
  • Improved robustness when the server received non-existent agent
  • Fix typo of the method name of GameSetting#setRandomSeed
2020/06/29 ver0.6.2
  • Bug fix of specifying role of C# and Python agents in AutoStarter.
2020/05/14 ver0.6.1
  • Implementaion of non-simultaneous whisper.
2020/05/14 ver0.6.1
  • Implementaion of non-simultaneous whisper.
2020/04/02 ver0.6.0
  • We change agents’ utterances from simultaneous to ordered. Therefore, the agent can only know until the utterance just before its utterance.
  • From this version, AIWolf platform is developed with Java 11.
  • We improve sample agent.

AIWolf platform 0.5.x Downloads


2019/05/27 ver0.5.6
  • Bugfix of the validation of uttered text.
2019/05/15 ver0.5.5
  • Bugfix of Content#validate().
  • Improvement of the score table printed by AutoStarter.
2019/04/17 ver0.5.4
  • Make the server call update() and dayStart() of the dead agent.
2019/04/15 ver0.5.3
  • Make the server call update() in the dead agent at the end of day.
2019/03/16 ver0.5.2
  • Improve sample agent.
  • Fix the bug in Content class.
  • Fix the bug that the utterance containing explicit subject is converted into Skip in GameViewer.
2019/03/07 ver0.5.1
  • Rewrite sample agent.
  • Fix same bugs.
2019/02/20 ver0.5.0
  • Now AutoStarter can start Python agents and .NET agents.
  • When using AutoStarter, Java agent communicates with the server directly, so high-speed execution is expected in case all the agents are Java agents.
  • The format of AutoStarter.ini is changed.
  • ContentBuilders become compliant with AIWolf protocol version 3.

The following is obsolete information. Please read them carefully.
Here is the AIWolf server. You can download latest updates from here. Detail specification may change due to rapid updates. (2014/06/14)

How to Run AIWolf server

Running AIWolf Sever (written in Japanese)

How to Create AIWolf agent

AIWolf programming guide from Hirotaka Osawa

Making Agents in AIWolf (written in Japanese)

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AIWolf platform 0.4.x Downloads

Nightly Update

AIWolf server is registered on GitHub. You can download nightly updates from https://github.com/aiwolf/.
Source codes are available on this page.
The developer is newbie for Github. If you have any questions, contact to developers.

Battle Application

We created application for fighting with AIWolves. Only for Windows.