AIWolf contest is held in CEDEC2015 (8/26-8/28)


AIWolf contest will be held in Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) 2015.

CEDEC is premium conference for Japanese video game developers. Several famous video game companies gathering their own technologies and design about video games. AIWolf project gets a chance to held the competition in this precious field.
In this competition, each team registers their own agent program as a player, and battles each others in the game werewolf. Agents and teams which won on preliminary battles will invited on CEDEC AIWolf session. Any participants including game developers, both from industrial and academic side researchers will watch your battle! This competition will make fruitful results for the field of automatic conversation on non-player characters, inference, understanding players intentions, and any aspect of communication in artificial intelligence which is required both in industries and academics.

* Registration site

* How to join
– Team members (From 1 person)
– Write your team information via the form (preparing)
– There is no registration fee for the competition. But if you want to join on CEDEC 2015, expo pass is required. If your half of team members are organized by under 27 ages, one of your team member get CEDEC 2015 free Day pass.

* Important dates
– Registration: until 2015/8/1
– Submission of prgram: until 2015/8/16 23:59:59 (JST)
– Notification of invitation on main session (CEDEC 2015): 2015/8/20 (tentative)
– Final competition: 2015/8/26-28 (one day, tentative)

* Regulation
AIwolf contest regulation ver 1.01 (Japanese, PDF)

* Required submission
– Source code(s)
– Required libraries
– Instruction for building source codes
– Executable jar file (we will test jar for preparation. Preliminary and main competition, and published codes are tested by package generated from source codes)
– Explanation for your algorithm (A4 paper, any kind of format is okay)

* Awards
Gold award: 1 team
Silver awards: 2 teams
Role Award: Each 1 team (Werewolf award, Seer award, Hunter award)

* Seminor information


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