1st International Aiwolf Contest

AIWolf – Werewolf playing Agent Competition

AIWolf – 1st International Werewolf AI Competition (and 5th Werewolf AI Competition).

the 1st International Werewolf AI Competition at ANAC 2019.

The results for the final contest have been announced!
The results for the preliminary contest have been announced!
The source code for the finalist agents has been published!

Protocol Division:

  1. Competition Regulation:
    AIWolf International Competition 2019 Regulation Version 1.3.0

  2. How to participate
    • Make a team with one or more participants;
    • Each team must register at the registration site;
    • Registration is free;
    • See this site for the results of the practice contest;
  3. Schedule for the competition:
    The schedule below may change at any time; Please check often!
    Account Registration Opens: 2019/03
    Account Registration Deadline: 2019/07/07
    Preliminary Contest Agent Submission Deadline: 2019/07/07
    Preliminary Contest: 2019/07/08 to 12
    Announcement of the Finalists: 2019/07/13
    Finalist Agent Submission Deadline: 2019/08/04
    Final Contest: 2019/08/05 to 13 (Planned)
    Deadline for submitting the Code Description: 2019/08/07
    Announcement of the results: 2019/08/14 or 15
  4. About the implementation of AIWolf Agents
    You can submit an agent using Java, .Net or Python. However, the only programming language officially supported by the Contest organization is Java. If you are planning to make an agent in Java, please refer to the “How to Make an Agent” page. The Java version used in the competition environment is 1.8.
    Regarding .NET and Python, although we do not provide official support, the following libraries/how-to’s are provided. If you wish to use a particular library or language not listed above, please contact the organizers at gm_at_aiwolf.org (we cannot guarantee to accommodate all requests).

    According to the rules of the contest, we publish the source code of all finalist agents in this site. However, before using each code, please be mindful of the license included by the respective agent authors.

  5. What to submit
    • Agent File:
      Please submit the agent files in a format that is already built and ready for running. The exact format depends on each language, so please refer to the regulations.
    • Code Description:
      Each finalist must submit the source code for their agent, as well as document describing the necessary environment for running the agent (path and options, etc); and a simple description of the algorithm used. This document must be at least 2 A4 pages, and will be published after the competition. Please try to in a manner accessible for non-specialists. The Code Description must be in English. If you have any concerns about this requirement, please contact us directly.
  6. Awards/Prize
    The student participant who pass the preliminary round with the best results comparing with other students, will receive a subsidy up to 200,000 yen for travel, accommodation, and participation in the workshop. This student also required to make a presentation at the workshop about the algorithm he/she have participated in.The prize money of the finalists is as follows.
    1st: $1,000
    2nd: $300
    3rd: $100
    Student: +$100
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Natural Language Division:


Other Information

■ Contact Information
If you have any questions, please contact us at gm [at] aiwolf.org